Big Gorilla Story is a project of Water Journalists Africa dedicated to conservation of the endangered mountain Gorillas and their tropical forest habitats in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo through Journalism. 

It brings together conservation journalists in the three countries that are members of Water Journalists Africa.

Through these short newsy video stories, we want to inform, educate and inspire a passion for conservation in people to protect the endangered mountain Gorillas and the rainforests they live in.  

We aim at increasing conservation coverage of the endangered mountain gorillas, and amplifying local voices in the international debate about mountain Gorillas protection.

We are open to partnerships and support.  

Water Journalists Africa (WJA), the parent organisation of Big Gorillas Story, is the largest network of journalists reporting on water in the African continent. It brings together some 700 journalists from 50 African countries. It was established in 2011 in Cape Town South Africa with support from the UN-Water Decade Programme on Advocacy and Communication.

WJA is legitimately registered as an NGO with Uganda’s National Bureau for NGOs (NGO Bureau)

It is governed by a board of governors and an advisor body. The two bodies meet regularly to review the organization’s programs and projects.

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